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Outstanding clarity to filter your needs 

Lizi&Tal is a progressive and highly innovative global Talent Recruitment and Technology Services specialist .

We work with various organizations, startups and enterprises to help them recruit the right team members, select the most suitable software and cloud vendor.

We're passionate about your success
  Talent Recruitment

We are expert at identifying rare candidates and attracting them to your business.

We employ an innovative and transparent process on every headhunting assignment undertaken to ensure exceptional results. This process works effectively whether we are headhunting a Finance Director for a large corporate, a DevOps for a start-up, or a Managing Director for an SME, plus everything in between.

  Professional services

We work with you to define your business needs and determine the right mix of traditional IT and cloud to make your business run more efficiently. We’ll show you how to get started, the steps you’ll take to achieve your goals, and we’ll even show you how to support your cloud once it’s up and running. Moving to cloud can be a big change, and our cloud consultants are here to be your trusted advisor and partner throughout your cloud journey.

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